Sunday, October 18, 2009

Remember the Summer...

In June we took 4 of our 5 kids to Disneyland. We told the family years ago that we would go to the magical land when the youngest was at least five years old. Consequently, little Andrea was highly disappointed when she had her fifth birthday, and she didn't get a Disney trip to celebrate! A year later, we finally made the trip! Yea!!

We spent the first night in Mesquite, Nevada. Any hotel with a swimming pool is vacation worthy. We went to church the next morning, and were asked several times, with hope in the eyes, if we were new in the area. I guess large families are a precious commodity in that ward.

We continued our drive toward the magical kingdom, but stopped to enjoy the history and fascination of the tallest thermometer in the world. It was a special time for us all...brought a tear to the eye, really.

Playing on the beach with the family was great fun. The kids played, ran, danced, napped, and had a great time! It wasn't the warmest day, but we also had a big portion of the beach to ourselves! We spoke often about how much we all missed Cameron, who wasn't with us because he was playing basketball at a camp at Utah State University. We made a promise to him that we would take him to California and Disneyland before he goes on his mission in three years...It's a good promise to make, because it means we have another magical vacation coming up before the oldest is out of the house.

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