Friday, October 23, 2009

Farewell dear camera -

It was actually my fault. We went to sliding rock in Alpine for FHE. The rock looks like it would really hurt to slide on, but it feels smooth, and drops you right into a FREEZING cold pool at the bottom. I was holding the camera and Andi's hand, walking in the water toward the pool, so I could get some great action shots of the sliders. My foot slid on a rock, and I tried to save both the camera and my daughter. Well, Andi got dunked, the camera went under, and my hand looked like the second picture here...the last picture my little camera ever took that didn't look as if it was
taken through the foggy mist. Sniff.
At least the activity was great fun, we all took a few slides down the awesome rock, then gasped for breath in the icy chill, and the night was a hit. All without further documentation.


tracie said...

Oh no. I would die without my camera. Sorry about your hand.

The Grapers said...

You always do the coolest things with your kids! Sorry about your hand and your camera.