Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sick child...

This little one is typically a happy, energetic, sweet little thing. She is not perfect (lest you get the wrong impression), but she is delightful! So having her sick is just the saddest thing. She has been dragging for a few weeks - maybe fighting this sickness off? Who knows! On Thursday she fell asleep at 5:00 pm. I couldn't let her just sleep because her brother was singing in his first grade program and we all went. She just drooped against me through the whole thing. That night she came in to my room around midnight, saying that her stomach hurt...and then she started to throw up. I caught it in my hands, (I am supermom, and it was a small amount. Completely contained) and we hustled into the bathroom. After getting her cleaned up and giving her the barf bowl, she wanted to stay with me. I let her climb into my bed and proceeded to watch the clock slowly make its way toward morning. I don't sleep well when people are touching me! Finally, at 5 am I asked her if I could carry her back to her bed, and she said it would be ok. Then I taught an uninspired aerobics class at 6 am. She has been throwing up two or three times a day since then, and I finally took her to the doctor today because she couldn't sit up, wasn't going to the bathroom, and didn't want to drink anything. The after hours clinic sent us to the ER, and they put an IV in to get her hydrated again. I would have a picture of it, but, funny enough, I didn't think to take my camera with me. So, she is back home with a cool bandage on the hand from her IV, and we hope she will get better now.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Be aware of the dangers of adventure...

My sister Julie came to Utah to have a fun outing with her husband. They got set up with a helicopter that would drop them over a ski run. They put on suits that remind me of flying squirrels, that allow a person to glide when falling, and land on the powdered mountain side. Julie jumped out of the 'copter, practically flew to the mountain, and began skiing. Unfortunately, she fell and broke her leg in three different places. At least that is the story she told people for the first week, just to see what kind of reaction would result. People believed it, at least a little bit.

THE REAL STORY - Julie and McKay went skiing at Wolf Mountain. They were having a great time until, half way through the day, Julie fell, and her bindings didn't release. She broke her leg in three places, and she had to get a plate and six screws in her fibula. Which story sounds more interesting? :-) The pictures are good, regardless.

More cool leg pictures