Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here's the Dirt

As Promised...More mud shots. We climbed over walls, waded through bogs, and still had the ability to pose. Next time I do this race I am doing a belly flop in the swamp...just for fun!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh the MUD!!

My two sisters and one brother in law ran the dirty dash in Midway last Saturday. It was a 10k, and some of the most difficult 6 miles I have had the privilege of running! Besides the fact that it was more UP hill than anything else, and the fact that the down hill sections were littered with obstacles like hay bails to be jumped over and mud to be slopped through, the fact that it got really warm really quickly, and the fact that part of the run was through the swamp on the edge of Dear Creek reservoir, and THAT mud was STINKY, DEEP, and tried to suck the shoes off your feet - I saw it eat some shoes.... no, that didn't make this race hard! It was the 10 pounds of mud on and in each shoe, while trying to get up those blasted hills, jump over obstacles, swim through slimy mud, and scale tall walls. Would I do it again?? Naturally!!
I will have more pictures soon - my dad took several - I'll share when I get them :-)

We started out so CLEAN...

This was the starting line - we began by running straight up a muddy hill.
This is the muddy pit we had to swim through before we could cross the finish line.

Kath and I are wadding through the mud...

Sorry I am sideways - must be all the mud!

Good close up of Ju and her journey through the mud pit

I think McKay landed belly first in the pit!
Oh yea - still smiling!!