Monday, October 19, 2009

I wonder..

There are things that I wonder about -
...Why do my hands still smell like the long term care facility where I was doing my clinical from 5:45 am- 2:00 pm? I have washed and washed, but the smell lingers. Is it in my nose hairs, as opposed to on my hands?
....Why did I crash so spectacularly when I went roller blading with my sister on my birthday - here's the bruise to prove the utter grace that I displayed. (It was on my hip and thigh) I just didn't turn fast enough, thought the grass would slow me down more than it did, and stopped myself with my hip and leg as I blasted into a picnic table.

....How did I get such creative and fun children and husband, when I myself am so creatively impaired, and nothing if not all vanilla ice cream and cheese-only topped pizza?
....Why I started a blog ... :-)
These are great things to ponder on.

1 comment:

Denise said...

oooh, that is one nastay bruise. Ouch!