Monday, June 11, 2012

Other Random Alaska Moments

Beautiful sunset

Never too many delicious desserts!

Feeding a reindeer in Ketchikan

Final night balloon drop

Ice sculpting

What wonderful memories we will always have of being together with our family!


Victoria was beautiful!

Government offices

Totem Pole


Family time was Awesome!

Eating time was Fabulous!

Lobster night was divine!

Our waiters - Michael and Lucasz. We loved them both!!

Downtown Skagway


Beginning of our bike ride.

The night club was a great place to hang out during the day

3:30 AM. Took the picture, pulled the curtains and went back to sleep

Juneau - Tram and City

Tram ride

View from the top

We would have hiked on the trails...but the trails couldn't be found at this time  :-)

A recovering bald eagle

Wandering in the city

State Capitol building

Making friends everywhere

A back stairway - ran up to see where it went. Lots of apartments, with rain forest at the top.

Juneau - whale watching

Nate and I didn't actually go whale watching, but the rest of the family did. These are some of their awesome pictures!!