Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back for more fun..

Two months of some serious back pain, inability to sit for any length of time without being pretty unhappy about it, and numbness and weakness down the left leg and whole foot, finally sent me to get an MRI and appointment with a neuro-surgeon. (It was actually way more involved than that, but let's keep it simple, shall we?) I have two disks that look like the second picture up there, and one that looks like the fourth picture. That is the one giving me all my grief. My MRI picture was actually even more impressive than this one - but not blue. My herniated disk and fragment need to go! We scheduled surgery, but the first available time is still a month away. I am on the cancellation list, with high hopes that I can get in in two weeks or so. I need my leg back. The calf has shrunk, and is an inch or two smaller than my right one. I walk with an annoying limp, and besides all that, it truly hurts. We seem to be in a medical phase of life at our house - I'm thinking that it is time to move out of this phase!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not for the weak of stomach...

It's not really that disturbing...unless you get disturbed by things like this :-) She got the stitches out and now wears black boots instead of brown wraps. She still has one more week before she can start putting weight on the feet. We have already planned family night around her for next Monday - Nate and I will be on both sides of her and help her stand. The doctor told her not to push through pain. Just build up slowly until walking is comfortable. We are hoping for great success!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Life is good! Our knights won state! It is stressful as a parent to watch these games, but SO exciting! Quincy is an amazing coach, and we have loved this program. Cam has been on cloud nine all week! Of course, we start getting ready for next year right now :-) Bring on the spring season!

This picture isn't actually of state, but since Cam is just to the right of Hammy, it seemed like a good picture to add!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to school and life!

This look that Tiff is giving you is the "poser" look, not the "I'm really sad or depressed" look. She has done so well in this wheel chair. She went back to school on Monday, and is glad to be back! One fellow in the hall asked her what happened, and she told him she fell off a cliff. He continued on to his class. The next time he saw her, he asked, "Which cliff?" If it has got to be done, it better be fun :-) Still a little pain, but nothing ibuprofen can't take care of. The next big hurdle will be learning to walk again. That will be in about 10 days - we hope- with the help of crutches for another 3 weeks. She is going to go to gymnastics tonight to get back to conditioning everything that doesn't require standing.

She has had a great attitude and done really well!

This picture is much happier, but the lighting is worse :-)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


She looks awake, but she doesn't remember this part :-)
Her sweet little feet in their wrappings. They will look like this for the next two weeks until we go back to the doctor. Then he said she could be in boots, but there will be at least one more week of no weight on the feet.

Still my sweet, smiley girl! She is a trooper!

This is her hang out for the next week. It is on the main level, and she can get to the kitchen and bathroom with her wheelchair. The first two days were rough - she couldn't keep anything in her stomach, including her pain meds. Third day was much happier, and today has been the best so far. We will try our first outing tonight - I should have thought to ask for a handicap sticker!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


First, she wore a lovely new gown and put on fashionable stockings.

Next, she wrapped up in a cozy blanket.
She got a cool looking IV to go with her stylish blue bracelet.

To finish off the classy look, she was given a stylish cap.

She went on her last walk with the anesthesiologist. Getting surgery is both stylish and relaxing...With this fellows help, Tiff was REALLY relaxed!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tiffany had surgery on her feet - both of them. We went walking into the surgical center with hair braided and big smiles.

She had extra bones on her feet which have been causing her great pain - especially when she does gymnastics. This should take care of it - after she can walk again :-)