Monday, April 4, 2011

When clean is a bad sign -

This is a picture of my fridge. It is not new, and I hadn't planned to give it a good cleaning today. My daughter opened the freezer to get something out, and asked if the ice in the ice maker was supposed to be dripping. I investigated and found that things in the top half of the freezer were beginning to feel squishy. This is not a desirable quality in frozen food. My hubby was already asleep, so my eldest son helped me load all the freezer and fridge stuff in laundry baskets, and he hauled it out to the garage for me. I am very grateful for my extra fridge and freezer space. This is how the garage refrigerator / freezer looks now. Just so you know, I had been to Costco the day before - of course.
I currently had 9 gallons of milk in the fridge - which equals about one weeks worth for us. Hey, don't judge. Have you seen my giant boys? Keeping them fed is a challenge! :-)
We had been talking about getting a larger chest freezer - I wish we had actually gotten around to it before today!
What I learned from this experience -

-It was time to clean out all my freezers

-I discovered new / old food treasures that I am happy to have.

-I had stuff to throw away - I love throwing things away!

-Midnight is not a fun time to freeze your hands off playing with food from the freezer.

-My daughter was inspired to say something when she noticed the dripping ice, because if she had decided to say nothing, I would have gone to bed, everything in both the fridge and freezer would have been nasty when I discovered this morning, and I didn't have time to clean it all out this morning!

-My back hurts - my son saved me by carrying, lifting, and moving everything.

I'm sure what I will learn (re-learn) tomorrow is that refrigerator repair people, though they are nice and necessary, cost a lot, but less than a new fridge, which would be delightful except for the part where you have to pay for a new fridge, which then makes the repair people reasonable in comparison.

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tracie said...

Seriously, nothing worse. We have done this several times. And it is usually right before you want to go to bed.