Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back for more fun..

Two months of some serious back pain, inability to sit for any length of time without being pretty unhappy about it, and numbness and weakness down the left leg and whole foot, finally sent me to get an MRI and appointment with a neuro-surgeon. (It was actually way more involved than that, but let's keep it simple, shall we?) I have two disks that look like the second picture up there, and one that looks like the fourth picture. That is the one giving me all my grief. My MRI picture was actually even more impressive than this one - but not blue. My herniated disk and fragment need to go! We scheduled surgery, but the first available time is still a month away. I am on the cancellation list, with high hopes that I can get in in two weeks or so. I need my leg back. The calf has shrunk, and is an inch or two smaller than my right one. I walk with an annoying limp, and besides all that, it truly hurts. We seem to be in a medical phase of life at our house - I'm thinking that it is time to move out of this phase!


Lisa said...

I just happened upon your blog. I have sciatica. No pain in my back but down my leg. I'm a runner of 30 years and my doctor says now is the time to stop. I feel your pain. I hope everything works out. I'm going in for a shot of cortisone next Wednesday. This has been the most painful month of my life. Good luck!

Deebo said...

I am so sorry Deb!! Nathan was telling me you were having problems with your back, I knew it had to be bad if you weren't able to run! :( I'm praying that you're able to get in soon to have it taken care of, so you can start running again!! :)