Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Roller Coaster Glory

I bet you thought I was done with school for the summer after graduating from my LPN program (or you had no idea where I was with the whole school thing...). You would be right and wrong - I did get done in May, and am currently working on the pre-requisites for my RN completion program that begins in August - psychology and microbiology. I am also taking my state boards (NCLEX) on Saturday morning to get my LPN. The stress level is rising, I have a mini-cold, and admit to being slightly grouchy today. (Only slightly!) Sorry kids! Here is Derek's report this week - I do not fix the spelling or wording...

Rollercosters - I Like Rollercosters because of how fast they are, and because some have lopede lopes. Even thoe some make me throw up, I still love rollercosters. by D G

P.S. (I resisted adding a picture of throw up...)

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