Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All You Wanted to Know about Ear Wax

My Children Are LUCKY!!! They get to write a report each week on something vitally important to practice their writing skills over the summer. This weeks subject is .....Ear Wax. Here is Tiffany's offering.

Ear Wax
By Tiffany Gibbons

Ear wax is a very important part of a healthy body, although most people try to get rid of it.
Ear wax is also called ceriman by people who actually know what they’re talking about. It is produced in the outer ear canal. Earwax protects and moisturizes the ear canal, so that the ear is not dry and/or itchy. It traps dirt that has evil plans to cause infection.
You shouldn't try to get rid of your ear wax, because it is essential to an earache-free life. If your hearing is affected by wax, go to a professional for help.
Never use Q-tips or needles to get rid of ear wax; this can:
1-damage the eardrum (not fun!!!!!!!)
2-pack wax farther into ear

For most people, wax is a liquid and drains itself. When it acts like a liquid, it is usually fine. Adults produce less ear wax that children do.
Ear wax is a good thing that everyone has. Most people try to get rid of it. That’s like getting rid of a good friend. That’s like peanut butter getting away from jelly. That’s like Bella getting away from Edward. They need each other to live!


Denise said...

Bella and Edward! Bwahhh! I think Bella's the earwax in that story: annoying, but necessary to the plot.

P.S. That'll teach me to eat at my computer. Nice picture. *urp*

Kurt and Kristy said...

Haha!!! That is so funny! I love what she said about Bella and Edward! Smart girl!

Deebo said...

GREAT story! I LOVED it and the picture just brought it to life!! Way to go Tiffany!!

tracie said...


DrugsForKids said...

Your kid seems precocious. That picture is of the drug "ear wax hashish" not human ear wax.

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