Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So grateful...

In truth, I shouldn't take time to sit here and write a blurb - 10 credits, 3 classes, 3 papers due by Friday, one quiz to take, one test to study for. Enough said. BUT, a few events have been crowding my mind lately (outside of school). First, a sweet, kind, generous and anonymous person has given us gifts lately - It may be more than one person. Before Christmas, we sat with our children in family council one Sunday and decided what we wanted to do to make someone else's season brighter. We made a plan. It wasn't big or earth shattering, but we were excited. As we carried it out, the children were thrilled, and we truly felt the joy of Christmas that changes our hearts and focus from "getting" to "joy of giving"! About a week later the doorbell rang. The children ran to see who was visiting, and we found a card on the ground. It was filled with gift cards to several different stores, totalling FAR more than we had given in our small offering. I cried. We sat in amazement for a time. Kindness beyond belief - and why us? Things are tight - but that seems to be a catch phrase for most! We planned to have a small Christmas in the way of gifts, but felt no sorrow or deprivation in that choice. Simply trying to be wise and enjoy the season. We used the gift cards to purchase the little things that we had been putting off, and felt grateful and guilty at the same time, knowing that others have needs far greater than ours!
Two nights ago I was at gymnastics with the girls. Nate called, telling me I would never believe what was on the porch. A plate of warm cookies and a card. The card spoke of treats that are neat, and some green for when times are lean. Again, a financial gift from an unknown angel.
So, I share this story, full of gratitude for the kindness and generosity of others, determined to look outward and make opportunities to lift a heart like mine has been lifted!
My other thought provoker happened on Sunday night. A friend that I have known since childhood called, telling me of another of our dear friends son. Nearly 4, he came home from church feeling unwell. A short time later his eyes rolled back in his head and he was unconscious. They took him straight to the hospital, where he almost immediately stopped breathing. He was flown up to Primary Children's, where they found a tennis ball size tumor in his head. He has had surgery, and they are waiting. The tumor is cancerous, and the damage done is still unknown. I have thought about and prayed often for this little guy, and his parents. We never know what challenges will come our way, or what we will be asked to endure! I have taken the time to hold my own children a little closer when I give them a hug. I am grateful for my own challenges - I really don't want to trade shoes with anyone, even if at times I don't enjoy my own shoes!
So much to be grateful for, and so many people to love!


Dateline Dryer said...

Thanks for the reminder to live gratefully. You've touched my heart tonight.

Denise said...

Debbie! How cool! I don't know who your little elves are, but they have big hearts.

That is so sad about your friend's son. That is one of my greatest fears. =(