Sunday, August 3, 2008

Myth or Fact

Have you ever heard that a bounce sheet in your pocket will keep the mosquitoes away? I had always wondered if it were true, so when Nathan, Cameron and I went hiking on Timpanogos Mountain, we each put a dryer sheet in our pocket. I even did one better - I rubbed the sheet on my arms and back of my neck to make sure the scent was prevalant. It worked great.....until the mosquitoes came out in the evening. Then they began to feast on all of us. I HATE the smell of most bug sprays - I wonder if the smell is worse than the bites until after I am home and showered and still scratching :-) - but in this case I was glad for the spray we had. It helped keep the mosquitoes to a minimum, even if not completely away.

Our hike was so fun! Cameron is 14 years old, 6'3'' tall, and prone to behave like a stereotypical teenager at times. On this climb he talked, we laughed, we were able to discuss a variety of subjects, concerns, and goals in a conversational way as opposed to a defensive manner, and I enjoyed it completely. On our way back it was pitch black, and we were going by the light of flashlights and headlamps. Our one moment of excitement was when Nate saw eyes reflecting in his light. We stopped, and a bobcat stared back at us from the trail. It started running toward us, but jumped off the trail when Nathan made a loud hissing sound. We heard it run up the side of the mountain. It made the jack-rabbit that we saw a few minutes later very common place. Perhaps we saved the rabbits life by distracting the bobcat? :-)


Amber said...

I'm glad you're safe! What a fun hike that is- and what a great parenting opportunity!

Linda said...

Fast thinking Nathan! Kurt was really impressed with his saving the day skills!