Thursday, August 28, 2008

Er...Was that a complement?

School has begun, for me as well as the kids. I am taking biology at Salt Lake Community College and physiology at UVU (previously known as UVSC). Yesterday was my first physiology class. I was about 10 min. early, but still had to sit in one of those small chairs with a little arm desk sticking out in front. Taking notes on such a thing is an interesting adventure! If I had been earlier I would have had a spot on the big lab tables. I will be earlier tomorrow!

So, some of us on the back chair row began chatting before the professor arrived. The subject of children came up, as it often does, and one gal said she has a two year old that she dropped off in the day care at the university. I said that I have five children, and had just dropped my kindergartner off at class too. She said, "Wow, you don't look that old!".

So, here is the rub. On one hand, it could be nice that I don't look old enough to have five children, but on the other, it made me laugh, because apparently I am "that old". Of course the conversation doesn't end there, and goes on to when we graduated from high school (what a natural thing to discuss in a place filled with people that mostly graduated 2 or 3 years ago, tops). After sharing that I graduated over 20 years ago, and earned my bachelors degree 15 years ago, the same comment with more energy was given ..."Wow, you don't look that old". So, here's to all of us that are "that old" and then some! It's a great age to be, whatever it is!!


Linda said...

We only get better with age, right!

Kurt and Kristy said...

Haha! Well I don't think you look "that old" either for having 5 kids! I mean I remember when you guys were my age and I thought you were so old! ;) Now if only I could look as good as you after having kids I'd be happy! And good for you for going back to school! How exciting!

Deebo said...

You go girlfriend!! Just like with all sorts of good (and not so good) things, you get better with age! Just wait until you're MY age, you truly DO get better with age! :) Love ya!