Sunday, July 17, 2011


Our vacation was DELIGHTFUL!! We went to Yellowstone to camp and play with siblings and cousins. In spite of the dirt, mosquitoes (elephant sized, no less), and rain, we had a wonderful time!

It is BEAUTIFUL there....stinky, but beautiful :-)

Old Faithful did its thing...I have seen it many times in my life, and it is still thrilling!

Buffalo...they are huge, plentiful, and not too bright. But people still think that they have to slow down and take a picture of EVERY SINGLE ONE THEY PASS!! We waited in a 40 minute traffic jam to pass this one - I hate to tell you - they are cool, but they all look THE SAME!! Another small word to the wise - they are WILD!! Just because they move slowly most the time doesn't mean that they won't charge you when you get out of your car to get a closer view and picture. Haven't you paid attention to the yellow paper they gave you when you came into the park - a man is FLYING through the air after being gored by a buffalo. It could happen! :-) We named this guy Sheldon. We had a long time to come up with the name - sitting in traffic...

This was one of three bears we saw - this one was right on the side of the road, and only one other car passed it before it crossed the road and wandered down the mountain. We saw this guy about an hour after a man was killed by a momma bear in the same area. I like animals from my

car - or when they are behind bars. Zoo, anyone?? More to come later!

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Denise said...

Am I the only person who never sees bears at Yellowstone? Hmph. Glad you had a fun time!