Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Letter - 2010

Gibbons Christmas Letter – 2010

What a year this has been! We have learned a lot, relied on the Lord, and felt closer to the Savior. We have laughed, cried, and run around (sometimes in circles). Through it all we have grown closer as a family and are so grateful for this time of year to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Here is a brief update of what we are all up to….

Andrea (7) is in second grade. She loves to read, write, play with friends, and help in the house. She goes to BYU twice a week for dance class, and can hardly wait for class each time. Andi is looking forward to turning 8 and being baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Derek (9) is in third grade. He enjoys reading and loves school. He has really had fun playing on a soccer team and can’t wait for the spring season to start. He will try basketball this winter – we’ll see how it goes. :-) His favorite thing to do is jump on the trampoline.

Tiffany (12) graduated from primary and is now in the Young Women program. She also graduated from elementary school and goes to Jr. High. She has done very well, earning a 4.0 GPA so far. Tiffany enjoyed dancing with the Children’s Dancemaker’s at BYU last spring, but has decided to focus more on gymnastics now. She works out for 3 ½ hours each day at the gym, and took 2nd place all around for her age group in the state gymnastics meet in November. She is truly remarkable.
Jason (14) is in 9th grade. He continues to be on the honor roll each term and does a great job in school. French is his favorite class. He plays the cello in the symphonic orchestra at school and takes private lessons. Jas was on the track team last spring and did a great job in the high jump and 800 meter race. He had the opportunity to go to youth conference over the summer with our ward. He is getting pretty good at basketball – he has a great shot!! Jason has really started to shoot upward – he is about 6 feet tall now, and growing fast.

Cameron (16) is a junior in high school. He is 6’5’’, and continues to play on the Lone Peak High School basketball team. He starts for the JV team, and gets a bit of time with the varsity team. Cam is a great friend and surrounds himself with some really good friends. He had the chance to work at the local golf course over the summer, washing golf carts, to earn money. It was a great opportunity. He has finished his eagle project and all of his merit badges. The paper work is nearly done, and he will soon be an Eagle Scout. We are proud of his hard work.

Deb is nearly done with nursing school, and will graduate in April with her RN (assuming she passes the state boards). She earned her LPN in May (and was asked to represent her class by speaking at graduation) and has been working one shift a week doing pediatric home health. She has maintained a 4.0 with all her nursing classes. Deb taught dance at BYU last spring, but took the rest of the year off to finish up school. She loves supporting the kids in all their activities – even if she watches and studies at the same time. She continues to enjoy running and completed a few races this past year. She is truly remarkable!
Nathan continues to amaze us with all he does. He is still working with LDS Family Services. LDS Family Services in Provo was named “Best of Utah County” in counseling for 2010, by the Provo Daily Herald. He also continued his private practice work at night. Nathan is the scout master in our ward and goes on lots of campouts with the young men. When asked how many years he has been with the Scouts, he says, “4 Klondike’s.” He enjoys playing basketball a few mornings a week at the church building (when he actually gets up) and stays busy keeping the yard in perfect condition. He actually learned what happens when you try to stop quickly on a scooter…..with gravel under the tires! He has some awesome scars to prove it.

We are so grateful for family and friends that touch our lives in so many different ways! We have had a fabulous year, and look forward to the wonderful year to come! We’ve been kept safe and healthy, for which we are enormously grateful. This time of year gives us further time to ponder the reason for the season. We know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, died and rose again for each one of us. May we all remember His sacrifice and love during this wonderful season. Merry Christmas!

Love to all,
Nathan, Deborah, Cameron, Jason, Tiffany, Derek, & Andrea


Jess said...

I CANNOT believe how much everyone has grown! Congrats to you Debbie:) You are an inspiration!

Linda said...

Sounds like an exciting year! So fun to hear what everyone is up to. Your family is amazing.

Julie Q. said...

What are you feeding those kids? They are all getting so tall! You're awesome! Thanks for sending out the update.