Sunday, November 21, 2010

State Gymnastics Meet

So I know this really turns into a "look what my kids can do" blog...but there you are. I take my clan to lessons, performances, games, practices, and back home again. We spend a lot of "there and back" time in the car. So, occasionally, I share some. Aren't you glad?

Tiffany competed in the State Gymnastics meet last week. She was really excited and a little nervous. She learned through the season that she did better in the meet if she didn't know her scores on each event as she went along. That way, if she got a low score, it didn't throw her off.

She had a good, solid meet. Some scores were a little lower than we expected, but she took first place on floor, third place on beam, and 2nd place all around - for her age group - for the whole State!! Pretty exciting!

Now she moves up to level 6/7. Six is still compulsory - all the routines are the same. But she will also start working on her optional routines - the routines that are unique for each gymnast. She has this week off, but doesn't want to take it. She is really excited to get back in the gym and keep working...Monday through Friday....three and 1/2 hours each time. And she loves it!

Here are her beam , floor, and bars routines. The quality isn't great - what can you expect? I took them with my little camera, and the floor routine was through a glass window. It does give you the general idea though.

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The quality of the average, but the cool videos