Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Off to Camp

My daughter Tiff is off to girls camp for the first time. She turns 12 next week. I have sent my sons off many times - why is different when it is my daughter?? Somehow, it is. She was VERY excited to go. I'm sure she will have a fabulous time - the leaders are AWESOME - I wish I was going too!


Kristin Marshall said...

Oh though I don't have boys, and I don't have kids that age yet, I'm sure it is totally normal for it to be different with girls. I don't know there is just such a greater sense of needing to protect them somehow. That's scary stuff. Not looking forward to three of my own!! AHHH!

Helen Macfarlane said...

I thought about sending a note up to Ashley "BE NICE TO THOSE NEW BEEHIVES!" But maybe I should just trust that she knows that without her mom reminding her. Fingers crossed.