Friday, March 19, 2010

I will not go to sleep until....

I am a list maker. I make a list. If I complete one or two things on the list, I make a NEW list, and then have the fun of crossing off all the things on the old list that aren't actually completed, but I have put them on the new list so they can be crossed off the old. JOY! This was my list last night...


1 -Edit mini care plan 3
2 -Edit mini care plan 4
3 -Finish full size care plan
4 -BILLS - pay them
5 -Levothyroxine handout - finish
6 -Hip Dysplasia board - create it

So, I crossed off number 1 and 2, then did number 4 (that has been on a list for 6 days now - not really a good thing to put off, just so you know). I did half of number 3. Then, in spite of my strongly worded list, I just had to go to sleep. So, today I made a new list that included number 3, 5, & 6, and several other things to do, and enjoyed the momentary fun of crossing the old stuff off of the old list. And so my days go. I am not highly realistic, but I aim high, do what I can, and do lots of other things that I never write down (yesterday, for example; Clinical at the hospital from 5:45 am - 2:00 pm, drive Tiffany to gymnastics, pick up Jason from track, pick up Cameron from basketball, make dinner (oh wait, last night we ate cold cereal...oops), go pick up Tiffy from gymnastics, help Andrea finish her homework, clean up Derek's throw up (another migraine), and change the laundry. Those didn't make it on the list.). So what did you do yesterday?

If you want to read a new blog about my friends amazing journey in the past year after her husband told her that his "business" was actually a ponzi scheme, and the past 16 years had been full of lies and dishonesty, go here: It is an amazing story told by an amazing woman!

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tracie said...

Oh my goodness. You are a busy woman.