Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year...New Type of Blog!

It is officially 2010. I thought I would start the year off with a New Years Resolution to change my blog around. How about a "Hair" blog? Here are some great hair moments from the past several years.

Andrea having a great and not so great hair day!

Tiffany and Kaylee doing their own hair.

The couch helping with the hair...

The beauty of curlers

What it takes to get the curler look...

Gymnastics Hair Do...
Crown hair do

Magical snake hair

Really cool braids

Another princess crown braid

First Day of school hair
Directions to create each of these hair masterpieces...learn how to french braid, put in pony holders or curlers, or rub your head on the couch. Any questions??
That about does it for my hair blog resolution. Like all good New Years Resolutions, easy come, easy go...break the thing and get back to normal. :-)


Emee said...

I was there when you were doing this! That was fun! Thanks for having me over!

Linda said...

Hey Debbie, way to go with the New Years Resolution :). Hope you are doing well. We miss you guys.

Deebo said...

I LOVE the hair blog!! I just wish I knew how to french braid hair!