Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring into new focus?

The semester has drawn to a close. Physiology is done, nutrition is complete, and I have one final test to finish off human development. Two A's and one B. 10 more credits under my belt...or on my transcript, I suppose...and the prerequisites for nursing programs are done. Two programs have been applied to, and the wait is in full swing. And I find myself curiously floundering. I have let the bathrooms be dirtier than normal, have trimmed down the menu plan to meals that can be prepared in five minutes or less, and the wood floor has been spot mopped for a month. But I have the oddest sense of needing something to do! I threw my heart and energy into successfully getting through these classes, and I'm having a hard time pulling myself into the new - old - current phase of house cleaning and projects. My sister informed me that I had this same problem when I was released from a responsible and time consuming church calling several years ago. Is this a basic flaw in my character?

I have concluded that I have adjustment problems. I dive in head first to opportunities (just not into cold swimming pools), and coming back out is painful. On the other hand, once the transformation has occurred, my appreciation for the past experience increases, and I'm thrilled to have moved past it. The constant is my cute little family (can my 6'4'' tall fifteen year old be called "little"?) that takes up my first love and attention. There is always more than enough to do with them and for them. They make me laugh, and sometime make me grind my teeth. Over spring break we spent lots of uninterrupted time together, and it was wonderful. (More to come on that...I haven't downloaded the pictures yet) I may feel the pain of change, but the joy and work of the experience is worth it!

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