Monday, March 9, 2009

Be aware of the dangers of adventure...

My sister Julie came to Utah to have a fun outing with her husband. They got set up with a helicopter that would drop them over a ski run. They put on suits that remind me of flying squirrels, that allow a person to glide when falling, and land on the powdered mountain side. Julie jumped out of the 'copter, practically flew to the mountain, and began skiing. Unfortunately, she fell and broke her leg in three different places. At least that is the story she told people for the first week, just to see what kind of reaction would result. People believed it, at least a little bit.

THE REAL STORY - Julie and McKay went skiing at Wolf Mountain. They were having a great time until, half way through the day, Julie fell, and her bindings didn't release. She broke her leg in three places, and she had to get a plate and six screws in her fibula. Which story sounds more interesting? :-) The pictures are good, regardless.

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Mel said...

OUCH! How is she recovering?