Monday, October 27, 2008

Some valid reasons I haven't posted a blog recently!

There are always good reasons to not blog - one of my favorites is that I would rather read other peoples writing than my own. I also have the good excuse of not having ever downloaded pictures before - my husband always did that, and I hadn't gotten around to asking him to do it for a while - OK, I know that it only took a few seconds for me to plug the cord into the computer and my camera, and let the computer do its thing. But, still...
These pictures show some of what we have been up to. The picture of Nate and his brother - one of those photos that is a true life picture of how silly they are together. I always wish we could see Eric and his family more. Tiff has been busy competing in gymnastics this season. She has had a great experience, with her highest all around score 36.05 so far. She is getting moved up to level 5 in December, and can hardly wait!! She works really hard. Andrea and her cousin are on the swings - we love the fall days! These girls always crack us up, because they egg each other on, and have a great time doing it. Finally, Der loved soccer. He chased the ball, wasn't afraid to get right in the mix and get in a good kick, and would laugh as he ran down the field. He can hardly wait for spring so he can start again. Life is good!

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