Saturday, July 26, 2008

About running

Here is my running analogy for the day. The ease and joy of running down a hill does not equal the work and torture of running up a hill. A downhill into an uphill does not give you any momentum to make the beginning of the up any easier. And, finally, going down a hill often feels like running on level ground, while running even slightly up hill NEVER feels like running on level ground. Sometimes life is like that too. When things are going well and nicely, time passes easily. Somehow that never seems to "store up" and swing me through the challenging times. I haven't had babies that keep me up at night for a long time. I don't expect to wake up and take care of anyone. I quite enjoy my sleep. And then it happened. My oldest child became a teenager that likes to stay out late. Because it is summer, he and his group of friends have spent many nights playing night games or watching old movies (sometimes at our home too!) When he does come home, he likes to putter around, take a late shower, get himself a snack, go out to the garage for a water bottle, and call friends - other teenagers that are also not asleep at nearly 1:00 am. So once again I find myself staying up late, waking up everytime the bathroom door opens and closes, and waking up to check on a child in the middle of the night. I find that the many nights I have had without being disturbed or worried because of my children and their sleep have not made the current late nights any easier, or made me less tired the days after the late nights. Up hill is always hard! I think it gets harder as I get older :-)

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